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Underwater hunting

October - 14 - 2011

After the accomplishments done by the researcher JY Cousteau the sport appeared in France after the Second World War.

The value and complexity of the equipment, the investment is comparable to ski equipment. But the similarities stop there. While for skiing is enough to have enough snow for underwater hunting several conditions must be met. First the water must have at least 2m of visibility and the weather must be sunny. Obviously, the presence of fish is necessary for underwater hunting. There are several styles that can also depend on the habits of fish species. You can fish from the patrol from ambush or grotto.  The most spectacular fishing remains the one from underwater. There is no free flight development closer than the state of weightlessness in space. Sports equipment requires non manner breathing underwater. Keeping breathing (apnea) with or without exercise is beneficial for health; people who practice free diving have low blood pressure and pulse.

There is no better way to lose some extra pounds. The water activity of heat-resistant suit without energy losses are a speed greater than the digestive tract can assimilate. The condition is that after leaving the water to not eat more than usual.

You need to remember the safety measures:
– Always use the right amount of ballast that you carry so that you remain a slight buoyancy.
– Do not overdo it with apnea duration. It is possible that the limitations occur after fainting. If you do not get to it, your body will tell you when to exit, the urge to breathe.
When you get out of the water after an underwater hunting expedition wipe out the water and cover with a towel. Air currents are more dangerous in causing some cold then sitting in the water.

The handling of the hand-harpoon:
– Do not handle out of the water a loaded hand-harpoon
– Do not move toward any person whether it is loaded or unloaded, in water or out, even in jest.
– It is advisable to avoid crowded beaches.

It is used to capture small fish, from the bottom of the sea or from caves.

The handling of the Crossbow:
It is used to launch an arrow with a diameter of 6 to 9 mm, weight 500gr can be overcome. The weight and speed are higher penetrating power increases, but the same extent and strength of the launch, which currently get with compressed air. Crossbows are chosen by size and habits of captured fish. For fish living in water tables is recommended a long while crossbow for small fish that live in caves or on the bottom, a lower- performance crossbows is recommended.

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